Two Weeks Ago You Bought A Radio From A Local Branch

Two weeks ago you bought a radio from a local branch of a well-known chain of shops. It did not work properly. The shop took it back and said they would repair it. You have waited a week and it is still not ready.

Write a letter to the shop. In your letter

  • say what has happened and how you feel
  • ask them to explain why there has been a delay
  • ask them to repair the radio very quickly or to supply you with a new radio

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Sample letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express my disappointment with the poor customer service I received from your store. I bought a radio from your store last week. After reaching home, when I turned the radio on, I found out that it was not able to receive FM signals. Hence, I returned it and your employees told me that they would repair it in a couple of days.

It has been a week now and your technician has not repaired my radio yet. I feel really disappointed because this is not the kind of service I would expect from a reputable chain of stores like yours. I really need an explanation for this delay as I fully complied with your store’s return policy.

Also, I am planning to go camping next week and I want to take a fully functional radio with me. If it takes a longer time to repair the radio, I would like to get it exchanged for a brand new one.

Expecting prompt reply

Sincerely yours,

Anil Mukherjee

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