As The Internet Becomes More Popular, Newspapers Are Becoming A Thing Of The Past

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Nowadays, people depend on the internet to receive up to date information on topics of their interest such as sports, music, politics and business. Hence, some people argue that newspapers will soon become a thing of past. I agree with this view.

Almost everybody owns an internet enabled device such as a smart phone these days. Nearly all people are already active on social media where news breaks. Consequently, traditional newspapers have lost much of their significance. Of course, some people still read them because they enjoy holding the paper in their hand. Most young people, on the other hand, have never held a newspaper in their hand and hence attach no sentimental value to it.

These are several other benefits as well to reading news online. First, it is free. Nearly, all newspapers have their online versions which people can read for free. These online news portals also give up to the moment information on all topics. Newspapers, on the other hand, have one or at the most two editions a day. Generally speaking, in today’s newspaper, we can only read yesterday’s news. This is not the case with the internet. It is updated as soon as new information arrives. Also, unlike traditional newspapers which mainly focus on local news, the internet gives information on local, national and international events.

Another advantage of reading on a mobile device is that we can read on the go. We can read while we are on a bus or a train and there is no need to carry a newspaper with us. Lastly, the internet is an unlimited source of information. If we read a news story on the internet and we want additional information, we can search and we will get all the details we want in no time. Newspapers do not have this functionality.

In short, the internet is the biggest source of news and information we have and as more and more people gain access to it, newspapers will certainly become a thing of past.

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