Total Number Of Olympic Medals Won By Twelve Countries

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Sample report

The bar graph illustrates the total number of gold, silver and bronze medals won by 12 different countries. Overall, it is clear from the chart that the USA tops / leads the medals chart by a considerable number/margin. On the other hand, Japan and China won the least number of medals. The USA has won a total of 2250 gold, silver and bronze medals and it is more than twice the number of medals won by Soviet Union which occupies the second position on the chart.

Soviet Union won 1000 medals while the UK, which is the third on the list won about 700 medals. There was not much difference between the number of medals won by other nations on the list. While France won about 650 medals, Germany and Italy got roughly the same number of medals (about 500)

Finally, the remaining 6 countries, Sweden, Australia, Hungary, East Germany, Japan and China won fewer than 500 medals each, with Sweden and Hungary  in the front achieving about 450 medals each whereas Japan and China secured the lowest number of medals (about 400 each).

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