Bullying Is A Big Problem In Many Schools

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Bullying is a shockingly prevalent occurrence in many schools. Oftentimes it is a result of the psychological issues that children face and bullies are more likely to be those kids who receive neither love nor care at home. Encouraging children to share their problems with their parents and teachers and offering them counselling will prevent bullying to a great extent.

Studies have shown that bullies almost always come from dysfunctional homes where they are not taken good care of. Children who are neglected or abused by their parents or caregivers bottle up too many negative emotions inside. At school, when they find another student who appears physically weaker or different, they give vent to that suppressed anger and frustration by bullying them. Intimidating weaker peers is a way for them to hide their insecurities and feel powerful. Sometimes, bullies are past victims of bullying. They cannot get over the humiliation they suffered at the hands of their tormentors and now want to subject their weaker peers to the same humiliation. Bullying can also be a result of economic, social and cultural differences. For example, coloured children could be the victims of bullying in schools where white children are in the majority. Children can also be bullied for their physical appearance, accent or poor financial situation.

Whatever be the reason, bullying is a traumatic experience for the victim. There are students who drop out of school or move to another school just to escape the trauma. It is also possible for many of the victims to suffer from lifelong anxiety and depression. Parents and teachers can improve the situation to a great extent by building better rapport with the children. At home, parents should create an atmosphere where children can share anything with them. At school, teachers should monitor the conduct of each student and intervene when they suspect that something is amiss. Both the victims and the aggressors should receive counselling. Aggressors should be taught how important it is to exhibit human qualities like love, compassion and empathy. At the same time, victims should be convinced that being on the receiving end it is not their fault at all.

In conclusion, bullying is almost always an outward demonstration of the feelings of anger and fear that children experience as a result of being neglected or abused at home. Differences in appearance or financial or social background may also trigger bullying. By building better rapports with children, listening to them and offering them help whenever they need it, parents and teachers can protect children from bullying to a great extent.

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