The three parts of your IELTS essay

Every essay has three basic elements: the introduction, the body text and the conclusion.


In this part, you should write a general or neutral statement about the given topic. Do not use the exact same words or phrases from the given task. Instead use their synonyms. It is possible to include your own opinion in the introduction. This approach is more effective when you are asked only one question or when you have a very clear opinion on the given topic.


If the task asks you to discuss two views, then the body of your essay should contain at least two paragraphs. Discuss one view in the first paragraph and the other view in the second paragraph. You should use specific examples to support your views. Make sure that your sentences are logically connected. One way of doing this is to use connecting words. Punctuation is equally important.


This is the last paragraph of your essay. You don’t have to introduce new arguments in this part. You only need to summarise the main points mentioned in the body text. You may also state your own opinion.

Manjusha Nambiar

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