Comparison using as…as

This structure is used to say that people or things are equal in a particular way.

Study the following examples.

  • Chennai is hot in summer. Hyderabad is equally hot.
  • Hyderabad is as hot as Chennai in summer.
  • Australia is a prosperous country. New Zealand is equally prosperous.
  • New Zealand is as prosperous as Australia.

The structures as much…as and as many…as are also used to express the same idea. Note that after as much, we use an uncountable noun. After as many, we use a plural countable noun.

  • She earns as much money as he does.
  • We own as many cars as them.
  • I have as many brothers as you.

In negative comparisons we can use not as…as.

  • Kochi is not as hot as Chennai.
  • She is not as beautiful as her sister.

Pronouns after as

After as, we normally use an object pronoun (e.g. him, them, me, her etc.). Subject pronouns are possible in a very formal style. In that case, they are usually followed by verbs. A subject pronoun without a following verb is very unusual.


  • She is as tall as him. OR She is as tall as he is. (BUT NOT She is as tall as he.)


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