The Chart Shows Information About Southland’s Main Exports

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The chart gives information regarding the export revenue of Southland in three years – year 2000, the current year and year 2025. International tourism was and continues to be the highest source of export revenue for Southland. This trend is expected to continue in 2025 as well. In year 2000, Southland earned 8 billion pounds from international tourism. By the current year, this revenue grew by another 1 billion pounds. By 2025, it is expected to grow even further and reach 10 billion pounds. Dairy products are the second highest source of export revenue. While Southland earned 7 billion pounds by exporting dairy products in year 2000, its revenue from this source hit 10 billion pounds in the current year. Revenue from the export of dairy products is expected to decline slightly by year 2025. Income from the export of meat products was lower than income from other sources in all the three years. While Southland earned 6 billion pounds from the export of meat products in year 2000, this amount is expected to decline to 5 billion pounds by 2025.

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