Average Monthly Temperatures And Average Hours Of Sunshine

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Sample report

The graph and the table show the mean monthly temperatures and the number of sunshine hours/year in three cities – London, New York and Sydney. It is evident that while it is summer in New York and London, it is winter in Sydney and vice-versa. Sydney is the warmest city in the first quarter with temperatures consistently staying at around 25 degree Celsius. New York is the coldest at this time with temperatures hovering around 5 degree Celsius. New York becomes hotter than London in the second and third quarters with temperatures reaching as high as 30 degree Celsius in July. In London, as well, July is the hottest month of the year with temperature reaching about 24 degree Celsius. July is the coldest month in Sydney with temperatures reaching as low as 15 degree Celsius. While temperature in New York and London starts falling in the fourth quarter of the year, in Sydney it increases. New York receives the highest number of sunshine hours (2535 hours) followed by Sydney (2473) while London gets only about 1180 hours of sunshine in a year.

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