IELTS Report About Generation of Hydroelectricity

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The figure illustrates the process of production of electricity from water in a hydroelectric power station. There are a number of stations through which water from the river passes to generate the current which is supplied throughout the country. Firstly, river water is collected in a high-level reservoir with a dam. During the day time, it is open and the water flows along the slope from the dam to the power station. Then in the generator, water is passed through the reversible turbines and power is generated which gets supplied to the national grid through the power lines. The water utilised for producing power is then sent to the low level reservoir during the day. Then, during the night time the water stored in the low-level reservoir is reverted to the power station and the turbines of the generator pump it back into the high-level reservoir which is closed during the night. In conclusion, the electrical current is generated from the water flowing in the river during the day time, which is pumped back in the high level reservoir at night.

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