Some Say That Reading Newspapers And Watching TV News Is A Waste Of Time

Some say that reading newspapers and watching TV news is a waste of time, because it has no direct connection with people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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According to some people, there is no point in reading newspapers or watching news channels as the stories they publish or broadcast are in no way related to people’s lives. I do not agree with this view. Newspapers and channels make people aware of the happenings around them. While those events may not be directly connected to our lives, they can happen to everybody.

The main argument against reading newspapers or watching news channels is that their stories are about happenings in other parts of the world. For example, they tell us about wars happening in a far away land or a scandal involving a famous celebrity or a politician in a foreign country. It is true that these stories have no direct bearing on our lives. Still, it makes sense to be aware of them. One advantage is that newspapers help form public opinion. While a reader cannot stop a war on their own, when so many people express concerns about a particular national or international event, it has the potential to become a movement and may influence policy makers. For example, currently, people all over the world are demanding an end to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine or Russia and Ukraine. The public opinion is heavily against war and that is why it does no escalate. Likewise, when we read about disasters happening in other parts of the world, it enables us to donate to them in our little way. Without any knowledge of the world outside, it is hard to live a useful life.

What’s more, newspapers and TV channels also give adequate coverage to local events. Such stories help us plan our day. For example, a news report about a bus strike makes people better prepared to use alternative modes of traveling. Likewise, weather forecasts tell us whether it is safe to travel or not on a particular day. In the same way, news reports about crimes happening in our locality make us alert. If there are several reports about burglaries in a particular area, the residents of that area will become extra cautious and take all possible measures to protect their property.

In conclusion, some news stories are not related to our lives, nor are they relevant for us. Other stories impact in our life in so many ways. In either case, there is no harm in learning about the happenings around the world. By being better informed we can make us safer and also offer help and support to others whenever possible.

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