Some People Think That Things Learned At School As Not As Useful As Before

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According to some people, knowledge imparted by schools is not particularly relevant today. In their opinion, skills learned from the outside world are more beneficial to achieve success in life and work. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, schools still provide useful knowledge; of course, there are also certain skills that students need to acquire from their surroundings.

One can never discount the importance of school education. The school provides children their first exposure to the world outside. In addition to reading and writing, schools teach children a lot of social and practical skills that will benefit them throughout their life.  The school is also the place that prepares students for higher education. A high school graduate demonstrates considerably more intellectual acumen than someone who has never attended a school. Obviously, completing school is the first eligibility criterion for applying to university.

Having said that, the school does not teach students all that is there to learn. School education tends to provide general knowledge. In order to achieve expertise in a specific domain, students often need practical experience that can only be achieved by actually doing things. Since schools generally impart only theoretical knowledge, students will have to acquire practical knowledge from elsewhere. For example, they may have to do internships. They also need to polish their interpersonal skills by communicating, cooperating and collaborating with others. While the school lays the foundation of these skills, they are perfected only through real world experience.  

In conclusion, the education provided by schools is and will always be valuable. This does not mean that the school teaches all the skills that students need. Students certainly have to learn many things from outside. Even so, the value of school education cannot be discounted.

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