Some People Think That Employers Should Not Pay Attention To The Way Their Employees Dress

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According to some people, employers should not be concerned about what their employees wear to work as long as they deliver good performance. I can only partially agree with this view.

Each organization has a work culture and a brand image. They want to project a certain image and their employees are their brand ambassadors. So, what they wear to work is certainly important. For example, a company that produces fashionable garments for young people will want their employees as well to adorn similar garments. If the employees wear only conservative clothing all the time, it can affect their brand image and hurt sales. Likewise, people working in a school or college should choose appropriate clothing. If teachers wear revealing clothes, it will tarnish the reputation of the institution. Obviously, what people wear to work is an important thing to consider.

There are, nonetheless, some organizations that are unaffected by the clothing choices of their workers. For example, people working in the print media can wear conservative or fashionable clothes depending upon their personal preferences. Those working in the visual media, on the other hand, have to be more careful about what they wear. A news reader cannot wear what the anchor of a teenage show wears.

The quality of the work is certainly important, but sometimes how employees present themselves is important too. There are certainly some sectors where all styles are acceptable. There are also some sectors where employees need to be careful about what they wear.

In short, there are some sectors where the employer may want to pay attention to what their employees wear. There are also some sectors where any kind of clothing is acceptable. So, in my opinion, it depends on what image the company wants to project. If their brand image is in no way connected to how employees turn up for work, they should only worry about the quality of work, not attire.

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