Do You Agree Or Disagree That Celebrities Are Paid Far Too Much Money? | Band 9 Essay

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Some people feel that celebrities are paid a lot more than they deserve. I agree with this view to a great extent.

Some celebrities certainly deserve the high remuneration they earn. For example, there are exceptionally brilliant actors, singers and athletes. They earn a lot of money because they also help to generate a lot of money. For example, some Hollywood movies make billions of dollars from the box office. The lead actors have a huge role in the success of these films and hence they deserve to be paid handsomely. Likewise, the success of major sporting events like Football World Cup or Olympics hinges on the performance of a handful of super talented players or athletes. Needless, these sportspersons are also paid lucrative salaries.

There are, nonetheless, some celebrities who are famous for being famous. They do hardly anything worthwhile. Many of them are in the news for some negative reasons like a scandal or an obscene video. Some are famous for being somebody’s girlfriend/boyfriend. Yet, these people also make headlines. They launch their fashion line. They are hired to endorse products, get invited to parties and in general earn a lot more than they deserve. This happens only because we are living in a celebrity obsessed world. Anyone who is in the news for good or bad reasons becomes a celebrity if they also have an attractive face or body. Unfortunately, deserving candidates like scientists, writers or activists earn much less.

In short, celebrities are certainly paid more than they deserve. Of course, there are a few who deserve the high remuneration but the vast majority of celebrities hardly contributes anything and still earn much. The society is obsessed with famous people and tracks their every move. This public interest helps them earn much more than other people offering valuable service to the society.

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