Some People Think That Certain Old Buildings Are More Worth Preserving Than Other Ones | Band 9 Essay

Some people think that certain old buildings are more worth preserving than other ones. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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According to some people, preserving certain old buildings is more important than preserving other old buildings. I fully agree with this view. Just being old does not make a building worthy of being protected. There should be cultural, historical or other reasons that necessitate the conservation of a building.

Some buildings have a history associated with them. Some of them are culturally or religiously important. For example, India has numerous old buildings and monuments that are a representative of her culture, philosophy and way of life. These include temples, monasteries, palaces and educational institutions. It is important to preserve these structures for future generations because of the richness of the culture and history associated with them. For example, the Buddha Viharas of Sanchi are older than 2000 years old. They are the remnants of a really eventful period in the history of India and hence need protection. Such buildings also help us understand a lot about how people lived in those days. They also make great tourist attractions and help the government recoup the money spent on their preservation.

On the other hand, there are also some old buildings that do not have a story to tell. Huge amounts of money are required to conserve old structures. If they have no stories to tell, there is not much point in protecting them. A better idea is to demolish these structures and build homes or other structures that meet today’s energy standards. By demolishing these dilapidated structures, civic authorities can free up valuable real estate that can be used for residential or commercial purposes.

To conclude, not every old building has to be preserved. It is usually a matter of the social, cultural, historical, religious or economic value of a structure. Some are worth being conserved. It is better to demolish others.

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