Some People Say It Is Better To Be Unemployed Than Work A Job You Do Not Like

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According to some people remaining jobless is a better option than working a job that you detest. I fully disagree with this view. Unless a person has already accumulated enough wealth, it is not possible for them to live a decent life without a job.

The main advantage of having a job is that it provides financial security. This is crucial because without money we can buy neither products nor services. We cannot provide education or healthcare to our children. We cannot put food on the table or buy a home. Because of these reasons, even if a person does not like a job, they should still work it. Being employed also keeps people productively occupied. Thus, it prevents them from indulging in harmful thoughts or habits. Studies have shown that crime rates are high among the jobless. They have no money with which they can buy the necessities of life. At the same time, they have plenty of time at their disposal. This is a dangerous scenario because an idle mind is indeed the devil’s workshop. Working a job also keeps us physically and mentally healthy. Commuting to work and walking around the office interacting with colleagues and clients are all activities that keep us physically active and mentally alert.

Of course, people who are financially stable have the option not to work if they do not like the job. Unemployment is unlikely to have any negative impact on them because they have sufficient resources to fulfill their needs. Also, they can spend their time on various leisurely activities. However, for the vast majority of people, their job is their primary source of income and as such they do not have the luxury to choose unemployment.

In short, even if we do not like the job we should still keep it if that is the only source of income we have.  Only the financially stable have the option to quit a job just because they do not like it.

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