Some People Believe That The Typical Teaching Situation Of A Teacher And Students In The Class Will Not Exist By The Year 2050

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According to some people, the traditional classroom setting involving a teacher and students will have become obsolete by the year 2050. I do not agree with this view. While I do admit that technology will make greater inroads into the classroom, I do not see the teacher or the physical classroom going anywhere.

Technology has had tremendous impacts on the educational sector. Gone are the days when students depended entirely on the teacher and the textbooks. Now a variety of resources are available to them thanks to the advent of the internet. Students can now ask questions online and get answers from experts in no time. They can watch educational videos on Youtube. In short, they can now learn from a variety of sources. This access to knowledge and information from all over the world has certainly enhanced their learning outcome.

Still, I do not believe that technology can fully replace a human teacher. Technology has its shortcomings. First of all, it cannot motivate students to work harder. It cannot personalize a lesson to suit the learning ability of each student. More importantly, it does not care whether the student achieves progress or not. A human teacher, on the other hand, can do all of these things and more. Of course, they are not an unlimited source of information, but to overcome that deficiency, a teacher can use technology in the classroom. What’s more, the traditional classroom setting offers students ample opportunities for social interactions. It equips them with all the interpersonal skills required to interact with the world outside. If students learn entirely from the internet, their social skills will be seriously impacted. In addition, digital and other online learning materials deliver better results when they are used under the guidance of a competent teacher. This is not exactly the case when students learn the lessons themselves using the internet.

In short, by 2050, we will see greater application of technology in the classroom. More and more schools and classrooms will become computerized. The teacher will still be there and students will still go to school because without the teacher students will not be able to make best use of digital sources of knowledge.

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