Some People Believe That Studying At University Or College Is The Best Route To A Successful Career

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People have different opinions regarding the best way to achieve success in life/career. Some insist that students should pursue higher education while others opine that they should get a job immediately after high school. While getting a job after school certainly helps them earn some essential work experience, in my opinion, holding a degree offers more employment opportunities.

Getting a job immediately after high school is certainly a good way for young people to gain some valuable work experience. In certain fields, a person cannot excel without previous work experience. For example, in order to work as a plumber, electrician or carpenter, a person needs ample work experience. Before they can start working independently, they need to have worked under an experienced workman for a couple of years. If teenagers start working as soon as they finish high school, they will have gained sufficient experience by the time they turn twenty. This route certainly enables them to become financially independent at a very young age and it is ideal for those who are not pursuing white collar jobs.

Even so, in my opinion, it is better to get a university degree before one starts working. When people start working after high school, their choices are pretty limited. They cannot become a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor or an engineer because all of these professions require university degrees. A school graduate can only work as a waiter in a restaurant or a mechanic in a workshop. Or they can become masons, plumbers or carpenters. If they aspire to be a doctor or an engineer, they must go to university after high school. Also, the salaries that a university graduate earns are considerably higher than the salaries of someone who never went to university.  

In conclusion, people who do not want to pursue a career that requires years of graduate and post graduate studies should certainly start working after high school. This way they can become experienced workmen in their early twenties itself. However, those who seek more prestigious and lucrative career options such as those available in medicine, engineering or academics should go to university. Hence, it my opinion, it depends on the preferences of each individual.

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