Some People Argue Job Satisfaction Is More Important Than Job Security

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There is some debate over whether people should opt for a job that gives them fulfillment or a secure source of income. While some people insist that employment security is more vital than job satisfaction, I am personally in favor of the opposite.

There are good reasons to say that job security is more desirable because of the potential advantages that come along with it. To begin with, employees can worry less about finance because secure jobs offer stable monthly paychecks. This is an enormous aspect to consider since the main purpose of getting a job for most people is to receive a consistent source of income. Especially for those who are not well-off, a job that can ensure them a steady income is a no-brainer because they may have a family to feed. If they prefer job satisfaction to job security, they may be considered selfish or irresponsible by their own family members. Not to mention, virtually every permanent job offers welfare benefits, which means if they undergo hardships or pregnancy, they are given extra days off with salary.

Nonetheless, there are stronger reasons to state that pursuing a labor of love is a better choice. Firstly, it is scientifically proven that enthusiasm is directly linked to productivity and efficiency. For this reason, we are inclined to feel more motivated and less stagnant when we do work or chores we enjoy. That is just how our brains work and it is wiser to not go against it. Moreover, workers are more eager to learn and better themselves when they enjoy what they are doing. They view their jobs as something that adds value to their life, rather than as tiresome assignments that need to be done.

In conclusion, although job stability can solve a bundle of problems for workers and therefore, seem attractive, I hold the firm belief that job gratification is more crucial because it improves the overall quality of life, as well as one’s expertise. Of course, pursuing job satisfaction may not be possible for those who are dependent on their paycheck.

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