Some People Believe That Children Should Do What Their Parents Tell Them To Do

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Some parents, especially those who are known as helicopter parents, believe that children should always follow their instructions. However, others have a contrasting view. In their opinion, children should be encouraged to think and act independently. I agree with the latter opinion.

Parents who want to have strict control over their children believe that it is the best way of parenting. There are certainly some positive aspects to this style of parenting. To start with, children can benefit from the immense experience of their parents. Since parents know better than children, in most situations they will be able to make more informed decisions. However, there are also some downsides to this approach. For one thing, times have changed. The challenges that our kids face today are entirely different from what we faced when we were their age. As a result, the assumption that parents can always make the right decisions does not hold much water in the current scenario.

By contrast, if children are encouraged to think independently, they develop confidence which will stand them in good stead when they grow up. For example, children with independent thinking skills would prefer to work out a solution rather than ask other people for help when they are confronted with a problem. On the other hand, children who are used to getting told what to do are reluctant to take initiatives and when they meet difficulties at work or life, their first reaction is to ask their parents for help. Obviously, it is not difficult to see which of these two types of kids will become successful later in life.

In conclusion, compared to children who are always told what to do, children who think and act independently have better problem solving skills and confidence which will benefit them immensely when they face problems in life. Hence, I believe that children should be encouraged to think for themselves.

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