Some Countries Have Age 4 As The Minimum Requirement For Admission Into Schools

Some countries have age 4 as a minimum requirement for admission into schools, whereas other countries believe that age 7 should be the minimum requirement. What is the situation in your country? What do you think is the right age to enter schooling? Write at least 250 words.

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In some countries children can start schooling at age 4 whereas in others, they have to wait until they turn 7. In my country, they can start school at age 4. In fact, Indian kids start attending pre-primary school as soon as they turn 2.5 or 3 years old. Personally, I believe that it is beneficial for kids to start school at age 4.

Young children have much better grasping skills. Their brains are developing rapidly and consequently they are quite good at learning languages and concepts. In fact, studies have shown that much of the brain development occurs before a child turns 5. Since children have higher learning capacities at age 4 or 5, in my opinion, it is beneficial to start formal schooling at this age. Starting school at an early age is especially beneficial for language learning because kids pick up a foreign language faster than adults. When children start school at an early age, they also become more independent. They learn to eat by themselves and find comfort in the company of their classmates and teachers. By contrast, if kids stay at home until they reach 7, they may show greater reluctance to socialize.  

Another reason to start schooling at an early age is that it enables parents to get back to working. In India, for example, the practice of sending kids to a day care home is not particularly rampant. Actually, when babies are born the mother usually takes a break from her work to stay at home taking care of her children. If kids remain at home until they turn 7, it will take a long time for the mother to return to the workplace. This long break might even hurt her chances of finding a job.

To conclude, it is beneficial for kids to start school at age 4 because they tend to learn faster at that age. Since younger kids have much better learning abilities than older kids, I see no reason for kids to wait until they turn 7 to go to school.

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