Some Believe That Education Success Is Based On Good Teachers And Others Believe That It Depends Upon Student’s Attitude | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some believe that education success is based on good teachers and others believe that it depends upon student’s attitude. Discuss both views and give your opinion with relevant example.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Academic performance of a student depends on several factors. According to some people, the guidance provided by the teacher will determine whether the student succeeds or not. Others opine that the attitude of the student is more important. In my opinion, a teacher certainly plays an important role in ensuring the academic success of the student; however, even if the teacher provides the best mentorship, the student will not succeed if they lack the right attitude.

Teachers are undoubtedly nation builders. They impart knowledge to students. They shape their character and inspire them to work hard. A good teacher can make even complicated concepts easier for the student to grasp. Engaging teachers can also make boring subjects more interesting for the student and prevent their attention from wavering. Needless to say, teachers play a crucial role in the educational success of the student.

On the other hand, the attitude of the student is the ultimate factor in determining whether they will achieve academic success or not. For example, in a class of 40 students not everyone gets the same grade although they have the same teachers. Obviously, the competence of the teacher is not the deciding factor. Rather it is the student’s attitude towards learning. Some students have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They put in extra effort to learn. By contrast, there are some students who never take their studies seriously. Their focus is elsewhere and they can never achieve success even if their teachers motivate them in the best possible way.

To recapitulate, the mentorship provided by the teacher is certainly important. However, no student can achieve success just because they have a good teacher. The teacher can only show the path and it is for the student to decide whether they want to take that path or not.

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  1. Henryson says:

    Gudmorning morning sir/madam
    If you are been asked about your opinion about an essay,can someone give his opinion on one view or both

  2. Anju says:

    But this essay has lots of repeated words and will loose score on lexical resource. I am not convinced it is band 9 essay. the word ‘ Teacher ‘ is repeated 8 times, ‘student’ 11 times. Likewise ‘success’ ‘attitude’ is also repeated many times.

  3. Farhan Abbas says:

    Some people have a belief that educational success depends on the efforts of the competent teacher whereas, others are of the view that achievement in exams is completely based on student’s positive attitude for learning. In my opinion, it is the student’s willingness and firm commitment to succeed in exams.

    The eminent success of students is the primary goal of every tutor working in an educational institute. He deploys multiple teaching methodologies and study-aids to channelize the abilities of his students in a positive manner. Hence he earns fame and self-satisfaction. With the passage of time, there is a cut-throat competition among schools to derive the best results from pupils so efficient teachers are hired to render their services in the best interest of the institution. For instance, a large number of students wish to join institutes on the basis of famous faculty members. Therefore, teachers are truly considered as nation builders and fortune makers.

    On the contrary, a student’s attitude towards the studies provides surety in the examination process. If a competent teacher teaches the students, many students will pass the exam with appreciable grades even than, there are certain students who remain unsuccessful in passing the exams. The obvious reason for non-promotion is the lack of willingness and non-serious attitude in academics. They cannot achieve higher grader until and unless they regularly concentrate on revision and complete the assignments with devotion. For instance, a survey of the Daily News revealed the fact that fifty percent of the students who ignored revision of work achieved C grade or lower in the annual exams.

    Summing up, it can be argued that educational success is impossible without the active involvement of the teacher however, I believe that it is the student’s attitude that enables him to set the benchmark and work passionately to achieve high pursuits in life.

  4. Eduard says:

    Hello MANJUSHA NAMBIAR. Thanks a lot for your website. I was wondering if you could check my essay.

    At present, it is sometimes believed that success in studing is based on superb teachers. However, there are those who consider that education success depends on someone’s attitude. From my point of view, successful education depends on a person. Firstly, this essay will discuss education success brought about by good teachers, and secondly, success in studing caused by individual’s attitude.

    On the one hand, proponents of such an approach believe that only ablosutely superb teachers can improve knowledge of students. This is because, these teachers more intelligent and knowledgeable. For example, according to recent scientific research have been carried out in Norway, children who studied in schools with more professional teachers pass final exams much more better. However, this argument is flawed mainly because of in some cases students from schools with low professional teachers pass exams with exellent results.

    On the other hand, opponents of this theory base their opinion on the assumption that a successful educational process depends on a person and I agree. The reason for this is that if someone wants to study greatly he will find golden opportunities for education. As a consequence, such persons can reach education success without any teachers at all. For instance, looking at the latest Google statistics, a large quantity of billioners from Forbes list didn’t have teachers and any of them even didn’t finished a school.

    In conclusion, though people may vary their opinions I am totally convenced that success of education is based on a person. Any person can be highly succesful in education if he will work hardly enough in the long run. This is due to the fact that only someone makes himself successful while good teachers don’t guarantee perfect education.

    45 min

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. Try to write your essay in 37-38 minutes so that you have at least a few minutes to proof read. Never exceed the time limit.

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