Should Private Schools Receive Government Funding?

Should private schools receive government funding?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

School provides a student’s first exposure to the outside world and knowledge acquired at school has a huge impact on a child’s development. There are conflicting views on whether private schools should receive government funding just like government schools.

I strongly disagree with this view and this essay will discuss with valid arguments as to why government funding is not required for private schools. Private schools are known to have better infrastructure, better future opportunities and well trained teachers which in turn leads to better standard of education compared to state or government schools. To provide all these facilities, they have higher fees structure which only a certain group of population can afford. For example, CEOs of multinational companies can certainly afford spending on their child’s education and so can celebrities. This enables children of financially sound parents to receive good education which makes them more successful in future.

On the flip side, government or state schools have to rely on government funding for their day to day operations as they provide basic educational qualification to all people at bare minimum or no cost at all. For example, children of labour class have to rely on state schools if they want to learn. In my opinion, instead of funding private schools, the government should increase funds provided to state schools so that they can appoint better qualified teachers and better facilities. There should be no disparity between standard of education and people from all socioeconomic classes can receive education of the same standard.

To sum it up, private schools can function without government funding as they charge a fee for providing education. Government schools, on the other hand, provide free education and depend on government funding.

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