Some People Feel That Paparazzi Should Not Follow Celebrities And Invade Their Privacy | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people feel that paparazzi should not follow celebrities and invade their privacy by taking pictures of them everywhere, while others believe this is just the price of fame. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

These days, it is common for journalists and photographers to follow celebrities around to capture their private moments. Most of the time, these people are trying to shoot famous people in embarrassing or compromising situations. These photos are then sold to media houses for a huge sum and within seconds they get plastered all over the media both online and offline. In my opinion, this practice cannot be permitted. Celebrities have a private life just like everyone else and it is important for the media and the general public to respect it.

Just because someone is famous, it does not mean that they should live every moment of their life in full public glare. Celebrities have their own private life. They have moments where they want to shut the world out. If photographers follow them round the clock, it can hurt their emotional health. It is tiring to try to behave perfectly all the time. Nobody can accomplish that feat. Celebrities are no exceptions. They have their moments of weakness and those are not to be celebrated on the internet or television channels at their expense.

Of course, there are people who believe that the invasion of privacy is the price of stardom. I do not quite agree with this view. It is true that common folks have a lot of interest in the private lives of famous people. Very often, this need stems from their feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. For example, the general public has so much interest in learning about the unflattering side of celebrities. Knowing that famous people also have shortcomings makes them feel good about themselves. However, media persons are not supposed to stalk the rich and famous with the sole objective of digging out juicy personal details. Such details might entertain their readers or viewers, but they do a great deal of damage to the person of their attention. Princess Diana, for example, was killed in a car crash while trying to flee paparazzi. She was with her boyfriend and probably did not want cameramen to capture them together. Unfortunately, the relentless paparazzi chased them leading to the crash that killed the eminent woman whom the world admired. One can never justify such incidents with the lame excuse that it is the price of stardom.

In conclusion, like everyone else, celebrities are also entitled to their privacy and any violation of it must not be permitted.

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  1. vikas says:

    People have differing opinions about whether it is acceptable or not that media follow famous people and click their photographs without their permission. While news reporters intrude the privacy of the celebrities for their viewers, I believe that it ought to be done within limits.
    Celebrities are role models for the contemporary youths. They are keen to know what is happening in their favorite star’s life. That is why news reporters try to follow celebs and capture the moments, so that they can publish it for the followers. Moreover, it is the media and fans that make them star, so this is just a small price to pay . Consequently, most of the time celebrities make public appearance just to greet their fans and it has become a part of their life.
    However, I believe that everyone has right to live a private life and it is unfair that media follows renowned people everywhere. They are just normal human being like others, so it is inappropriate to click their photos without asking them. Also, there were incidents, when media click inappropriate pictures of film stars and publish them. In today’s technologically sophisticated era, something comes on the Internet; it will be available there always for the lifetime. Due to this, celebrities may have to face criticism and even get trolled. Therefore, it is absurd to interfere in someone’s private life.
    In conclusion, I argue that news agencies should not follow renowned personalities. Being a celebrity, they have a very difficult life, so they should be given some space to live freely.

  2. Harsh says:

    People have different opinion about whether celebrities ought to be chased by paparazzi or not. While some people believe that being a public figure, they should not mind if they are followed by media all the time, I feel that this tendency is outright an invasion of celebrities’ basic human rights and this can have severe repercussions.
    Following famous people by media has various advantages. Firstly, publicizing pictures and information display the real personality of celebrities in front of their followers. This helps people to choose the deserving one as their role model. Secondly, the daily updates about the role model of people give the insight of how they channelize their energy to achieve the desired goal on the daily basis, which is vital for the youth. Finally, knowing personal information regarding the celebrities has become the obsession of today’s generation, which can be seen on social media. So, it is the public interest that insists paparazzi to click personal moments of celebrities.
    On the other hand, I believe that stalking celebrities all the time intrude their privacy. First and foremost, disseminating rumours about famous people’s relationship has become very common. There are situations when they are less likely to handle these rumors, that make them depressed. This, undoubtedly, affects their performance. Moreover, being followed by journalist every time can lead to serious instances. The death of Princess Diana, for instance, was attributed to the the journalist who was chasing her car to collect information about her, that results accident.
    In conclusion, even though celebrities’ fame justifies the trend of being followed by paparazzi, I restate that this trend has ill effects on the life of celebrities

  3. Ali Murthuza says:

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    In conclusion, even though tourism has certain disadvantages such as destructive effects on nature and living beings and an increase in illegal activities. In my opinion, the benefits of tourism outweigh the drawbacks because it not only enhances work opportunities for inhabitants but also offers international investment and making people more broad-minded.

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