People Are Buying Products Of Large Businesses. What Problems Does This Cause | IELTS Essay Sample

Large businesses have big budgets for marketing and promotion and as a result, people gravitate towards buying their products. What problems does this cause? What could be done to encourage them to buy local products?

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IELTS Essay Sample

Marketing and promotion of products are an integral part of running a business and large companies invest enormous amounts of money in them. Because of this, the sale of the products increases causing numerous problems like excessive shopping of unwanted things as well as the collapse of small and local businesses.

These are some problems associated with excessive marketing and promotion of the products. Firstly, the product which is being advertised regularly becomes popular among the common people and they ultimately buy it even if they do not really need it. As a result, common people may sometimes face financial crisis. For instance, some large companies make offers like ‘Buy 2 shirts and get 1 free’. Tempted by this offer, people buy three shirts when in fact they needed only one.

Moreover, dazzled by the advertisements, offers and promotions people often forget the quality of the product. Often they spend huge amounts of money to buy goods of sub-standard quality and thus they get duped.

Furthermore, excessive sale of large business sector products reduces the market of local shops and trades. Small scale business men cannot afford big budget marketing and promotions and thus their products do not have many buyers. Consequently, they are forced to shut shop. Since they will have a negative impact on the local economy, steps should be taken to expand the business of local products. Firstly, the government should give monetary help in the form of loans. Secondly, local businesses should also give proper attention to the quality of the product so that they can compete with other branded commodities. Last but not least, common people should also take active steps to encourage the local trade and business. They can discard international branded products for the sake of local trade.

To summarise, excessive marketing and promotions have some downsides. They encourage people to buy products they do not want; also, they cause the downfall of local businesses. However, the government can help local businesses by giving them monetary assistance and encouraging people to buy their products. In addition, local businesses should enhance the quality of their products.

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