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Sentence connectors add variety and sophistication to your writing. To achieve the effect of unbroken continuity of thought, certain conjunctions and discourse markers are found useful. Words like hence, therefore, however, nevertheless, but, or, in spite of and then are some of the words which, if rightly used, will connect sentences up and make your paragraphs a well-knit, organic whole.

In this lesson we will learn about sentence connectors used to emphasize a contrast.

Common conjunctions used to emphasize contrast are: on the other hand, while, whereas, however, nevertheless, still, yet and in spite of

On the other hand; while; whereas

These expressions are used to balance two contrasting ideas that do not contradict each other.

  • I like to live in the city, while / whereas my wife prefers the country.
  • Electronic gadgets make life easier. On the other hand, they encourage people to be physically inactive.

However, nevertheless, still, yet, in spite of this

These sentence connectors are used to emphasize the fact that the second point contradicts with the first.

  • Some of us want a new system. However, not everybody agrees.
  • He is rich. Still, he leads a miserable life.
  • There was little chance of success; nevertheless they decided to perform the surgery.
  • James is very ambitious whereas his brother is quite the reverse.
  • The flight was an hour late. In spite of this, I managed to get to the conference in time.
  • We went out in spite of the rain.

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