Modern Cities Are Often Very Polluted, And This Has A Number Of Bad Effects On The Inhabitants

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Pollution has become a major problem in most cities around the world. Cities are crowded places. In order to provide accommodation to the growing population, urban authorities convert green areas into concrete jungles. Private vehicles are another factor contributing to urban pollution. Encouraging more people to take public transport and planting more trees will certainly help.

In cities, it is common for people to use their own vehicles to commute to work. Motor vehicles release harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Since the road infrastructure of many cities are not adequate to cater to the growth in the number of vehicles, traffic jams are a common occurrence. When vehicles get stuck in traffic, they emit even more pollutants. Also, cities have hardly any green space. Trees play a major role in improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide. When there are no trees, the pollutants remain in the atmosphere. Large scale construction activity is yet another factor causing pollution in urban cities. New residential and commercial spaces are always being built to cater to the needs of urban residents.

Promoting public transport is one of the most effective ways to improve air quality in urban areas. Unlike cars, buses and trains can transport a large number of people. When more and more people take public transport, there will be fewer vehicles on the road. This will prevent traffic jams leading to further drop in the emission of pollutants. Preserving green spaces is another solution. Cities should grow vertically. This way, we can have more open spaces. Encouraging industries to move to suburbs is yet another way to improve air quality in cities. When businesses move to suburbs, cities will become less crowded and consequently, the air quality will also improve.

In conclusion, lack of green spaces, increase in the number of private vehicles and excessive construction activity are the main causes of pollution in urban areas. In order to overcome this issue, the government should promote public transport and build satellite cities around major cities.

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