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parents encourage young people to leave home

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Many parents, especially in the west, tend to encourage their children to move to another home when they become adults. In eastern countries, most parents, on the other hand, want their children to stay with them. In my opinion, this is basically a cultural thing and both practices have their merits and demerits.

In the west, it is common for parents to encourage their children to leave home when they become adults. The main advantage of this practice is that it makes the youngsters financially and emotionally independent. It also gives them more privacy and they get to live without the interference of their parents. At the same time, parents also benefit. They no longer have to provide for their children and hence they can devote their time and money to do things they enjoy. However, when children leave home, parents often have to deal with a lot of loneliness and many of them will eventually move to an old age home.

In eastern countries, parents encourage children to stay with them. The main advantage of this practice is that parents have someone to take care of them when they are older. Children also benefit because when they run into a problem, they can get the help of their elders. However, there are disadvantages too. If adult children spend their life with their parents, they may fail to develop many essential life skills.

In conclusion, some adult children stay with their parents throughout their lives while others leave the nest as soon as they are ready to fly. In my opinion, there are benefits and downsides to both practices.

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