Some People Say That Ebooks And Modern Technology Will Totally Replace Traditional Newspapers And Magazines

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Modern technology has impacted our lives in so many ways and it is argued that eBooks will completely replace conventional / printed books in the near future. I do not completely agree with the notion and this essay will discuss why newspapers and magazines will continue to be around in the future as well.

To begin with, due to easy access to the eBooks and the availability of modern technology most people nowadays prefer to read books or news online. One advantage of reading online is that you have the option to increase the fond size. Consequently, reading on a screen is easier for children and old people. Another advantage is that most eBooks are available for free download. It is also possible to store hundreds or thousands of eBooks on a small device like a tablet or a laptop. Because of these reasons, eBooks will definitely gain more readers in future.

Even so, I do not believe that technology can fully replace traditional sources of information such as newspapers. An important advantage of printed books is that they do not cause eye strain. They do not emit any radiation and hence they are safe for even children. Also, in order to read a book we do not require any special equipment. Another advantage of traditional newspapers is that they are an authoritative source of information. This is not really the case with content online because anyone can post anything there.

To conclude, while it is true that the popularity of eBooks will continue to surge in future, the chances of them fully replacing printed newspapers and magazines are slim.

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