In Today’s Digital Era, Anyone With A Smartphone Can Capture And Share Photographs

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Almost anyone with a smartphone can snap photos these days and share them on various social networks. Some people feel that mobile phone photography has somewhat made professional photographers redundant. I do not agree with this view.

It is true that almost anybody can become a photographer these days. Nearly everyone possesses a smartphone and these devices come standard with point and shoot cameras. No expertise is required to capture a photo using a mobile phone camera. Many of these cameras are actually better than the digital cameras that were available a decade ago. Back then they were the rage and now they have completely been replaced by smartphone cameras. People are now constantly clicking photos and exhausting the storage space on their mobile phone. They do not even care whether they actually need to capture that moment or not.

However, most of these images lack quality. They do not look professional and in most cases miss detail. Needless to say, in order to capture important events people still hire professional photographers. For example, professional photographers and videographers are always hired to shoot important events like weddings or other ceremonies. Nobody gives this job to a mobile camera person although attendees can be seen flashing their phone cameras all the time. A lot of things have to be adjusted to get a good shot. For example, the camera angle and lighting should be perfect. The camera should be placed at an appropriate height and distance from the object to be photographed. Only then can we have a good photo. Most people who use their camera phone to capture images lack these skills and as such they cannot take a good photo. Even today, it is common for people to go to a nearby studio when they need a passport photo of themselves. They do not ask a friend or family member to grab their photo using their smartphone. So, obviously smartphone photography cannot replace professional photography. It is inexpensive and can be used for capturing ordinary events. That is all.

To conclude, it is true that smartphones have enabled every one of us to capture photos but if we want professional looking photos we still need the service of a professional photographer. Photography like any other form of art requires some expertise which ordinary people do not possess.   

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