Everybody Should Donate A Fixed Amount Of Their Income To Support Charity | Band 9 Essay

Everybody should donate a fixed amount of their income to support charity. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Some people insist that it should be mandatory for people to donate a certain portion of their income for philanthropic purposes. I do not quite agree with this view. While I admit that charities should be supported, not all people are in a position to do it.

Charitable organizations benefit the poor and disadvantaged people and animals. They support various causes and help to build a happier and more equitable society. For this reason, we should support charities as much as we can. There are lots of high net worth individuals who have amassed a huge amount of money that they or their progeny cannot use up in 10 lifetimes. If these people donate at least a portion of their wealth, it will hugely benefit the society. Many ultra-rich industrialists are already doing this. Bill Gates is a good example. He has pledged 99% of his money to support various charitable causes. He is not doing this out of any legal obligation or societal pressure. If more and more people follow his example, the world will be a much better place to live in.

On the other hand, the vast majority of the global population still lives from paycheck to paycheck. Making it mandatory for them to donate a fixed amount every year to charities will only make life more difficult for them. Such obligations will make them resentful and they will start hating the charities they are forced to support. Hence, in my opinion, people should always the option to decide whether they want to donate or not. Those who can should certainly do so, and those who cannot should have the option not to contribute. Of course, the government and non-governmental organizations can launch various campaigns to encourage more and more people to donate. However, making a donation should never be obligatory.

In conclusion, people who can afford to donate money should be encouraged to do so and those who cannot should have the option not to contribute. Hence, I do not agree with the argument that everyone should donate a fixed amount of their income to charitable organizations.

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