IELTS speaking part 2: Describe a product you recently bought

Part 2

Examiner: Describe an item you have recently bought

Candidate: I will talk about my new laptop. That is my most recent purchase. I bought it last month. It cost me about 30,000 rupees. I bought it online because the e-tailer was offering some attractive discounts. My desktop had become quite slow and I really needed to buy another machine. This time around I decided to buy a laptop because it is portable. I don’t travel very often, but when I do I take my computer with me. I am a freelancer and I like to be able to get my job done when I am traveling. Actually my budget was about 25,000 rupees, but the laptops in that price range didn’t impress me. So, I opted for this one. It has a decent processor and dedicated graphics. My new laptop is a bit slower than a regular desktop, but overall I am happy with its performance. It took me a few days to get used to the touchpad, but now I am comfortable working with it. I mainly use my laptop for browsing the web, writing and editing documents, watching movies and playing games. Occasionally I do a bit of image editing as well.

Part 3

Examiner: What do you think about the marketing of products?

Candidate: Marketing has become more difficult. Marketers now need to be everywhere. They should be online. They should be on social media. They should be in newspapers, on television and billboards. Tough competition exists in many industries. If you don’t market your products well, it is now impossible to find buyers.

Examiner: What do you think about brand value?

Candidate: Brand value has become all the more important now. I think social media fueled this trend. People now prefer to do business with companies that have a large number of followers. If your brand name is recognized instantly, finding buyers is easy for you.

Examiner: Is there a direct correlation between brand and its quality?

Candidate: Yes. In this age of social media, brands have to maintain quality. If they don’t offer quality products, they will get panned on social media. This will have an adverse impact on their brand value.

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