IELTS essay: Youngsters prefer to move to the city whereas seniors prefer the countryside

IELTS essay topic

Nowadays young people prefer to move to big cities; older people, on the other hand, prefer to stay in the countryside. Why is this so? Discuss the reasons.

Sample response

Cities provide jobs and opportunities. That is the main reason youngsters prefer to move to cities.

Youngsters are full of energy. They are eager to accomplish things and they want to live their life to the fullest. Cities satisfy their cravings for career growth, personal development and recreation. Major cities have entertainment hubs, a great night life, shopping centers and modern transport systems. All of these attract youngsters to them.

People all over the world migrate from villages to urban areas in search of jobs and other opportunities. For youngsters, earning enough to achieve their financial goals and saving money for their retirement is the biggest concern. Cities make this possible.

There is a limit to what a youngster can do in the countryside. In most villages, there are no offices or factories that offer employment. In fact, most villagers keep themselves occupied with farming and other related activities. These occupations do not interest educated and ambitious young people.

Most seniors feel an irresistible need to stay connected to their roots. They are not exactly looking for career growth. Also, most of them have little interest in shopping or partying. What they seek is peace and serenity. They have already spent thirty and forty years working and want to spend their twilight years in the serene surroundings of the countryside. For example, in India, many people move to cities in their early twenties. After working there for about forty years, they return to their villages where they spend the rest of their lives. Also, villages are less polluted than cities. The clean air in the countryside is more beneficial to seniors who have less immunity.

To conclude, our life choices and preferences are based on our needs. When we are young we need employment and financial security so we move to cities that satisfy these needs. When we are old, we seek peace and proximity to old friends and family, so we move to the countryside.

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