IELTS essay: The quality of life in cities in worsening

The quality of life in large cities is decreasing. What could be the reasons behind this? What measures can be taken to resolve this problem.

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Cities are growing. Unfortunately this development does have some negative aspects. It is a known fact that the quality of life in large cities is not very good because they are home to more people than they can possibly accommodate.

Environmental pollution and unhygienic surroundings are a common problem in many cities. When a city houses more people than it can possibly afford, it is hard to maintain cleanliness. Unhygienic surroundings are the breeding ground for germs and cause many health problems. Vehicular pollution affects the quality of air and leads to many respiratory ailments. All of these affect the quality of life in cities.

The cost of living is also pretty high in metros. In large cities, it is hard to find decent accommodation within one’s budget. Consequently, people are forced to buy ridiculously small homes for huge prices. Those who cannot afford to do so spend the whole of their lives in rented apartments. Worse still, the law and order situation in many big cities is not particularly good making them unsafe for visitors as well as those dwelling in those localities.

However, many of these problems can be solved with a little bit of planning. High population density is the main reason that reduces the quality of life in cities. Although this is not exactly avoidable, governments can reduce the migration to cities by making jobs available in smaller towns as well. For example, environmental units can be set up in small towns and villages. If these units employ the people living nearby they will not have to move into large cities. What’s more, the fact that cities are home to a large number of people makes it possible for civic bodies to collect more money from taxes etc. If these taxes are utilized properly civic authorities can build better roads and flyovers that will ease the traffic congestion. And by improving the quality of public health care, the government can ensure that all people get medical attention when they need it.

In conclusion, poor planning and the centralization of jobs is the main reason that reduces the quality of life in large cities. However, these problems are solvable to a great extent. The governments just need to make a determined effort to decentralize the jobs.

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