IELTS essay sample | Why do children misbehave in the class?

In many countries schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this?

What solutions can you suggest?

Sample response

Teachers play an important role in the proper development of children. Since they want their students to grow into responsible and successful adults, they are often strict with them. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of problems between children and teachers. Children, especially teens, do not like it when their teachers rebuke or punish them. This frustration with the teachers and the unsympathetic environment at school often manifests itself as misbehavior in the class.

In many schools, the relation between students and teachers has soured over the years. Teaching has become just another profession today. Earlier teachers used to treat their students as their own children. Now many schools are only interested in getting excellent results. They push their students hard to achieve higher grades. Teachers, too, are losing their commitment to their job. Many of them are now only concerned about their salaries and have a tough time winning the love and respect of their students.

Students tend to misbehave in the class when the teacher is not ‘popular’ with them. This will encourage the teacher to take stringent punitive measures which in turn will further sour the relationship between the teacher and the student.

Misbehaviour in the class or the school is almost always an indication that something is wrong with the child. They may be facing problems at home or they may have trouble getting on in the class. In either case, a teacher who probes into their mind will be able to find the problems and suggest solutions. Unfortunately, very few teachers have this kind of interest in their students today. However, they cannot be blamed for this. The school syllabus is becoming fatter and fatter. Teachers are already struggling to complete their portions before exams so they have little time to offer counseling to the students.

To conclude, student misbehaviour is almost always an indication that they are not happy with the treatment they receive from teachers and school authorities. Instead of resorting to punitive actions, the schools and teachers should make a sincere effort to find out the underlying causes that encourage students to misbehave. Once these problems are addressed many students will start behaving normally.

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