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Growing up in a city has its benefits. Likewise, growing up in the countryside has its benefits too. In my opinion, the city and the countryside provide different experiences and it is impossible to say whether urban life is better than rural life.

Children raised in cities will be more familiar with modern innovations. They get to visit shopping malls, use escalators and live in apartments where they have the opportunity to mingle with people coming from different parts of the country or world. My children, for example, were raised in Mumbai. They are able to speak four languages because our neighbours are from different parts of the country. They have better access to amenities. My nephews, on the other hand, live in the countryside. They have never used an escalator or ridden the Metro. They have only eaten local dishes, whereas my kids have tasted a variety of cuisines – both national and international.

On the other hand, my nephews know a lot of things that my children don’t know. They have a better understanding our culture and tradition. They know how to conduct themselves in front of elders. Better still, they know a lot of things about the nature. They are familiar with agricultural practices. They know the names of various plants and animals. When my children visit our parents’ home in the countryside, they struggle to cope. My nephews, on the other hand, have no such problems when they visit us in Mumbai. I think children raised in the countryside are better equipped to deal with a variety of situations. They also possess a greater understanding of their surroundings. Of course, there are several benefits to living in cities, but the rural life cannot be considered inferior to the urban life.

To conclude, the urban life and the rural life have their own specific advantages. In my opinion, every child should have the opportunity to spend at least a few years of their life in the countryside. It will broaden their horizons and equip them with the skills they need to survive in all circumstances.

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