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Space exploration is much too expensive and money should be spent on more important things.

So what is your opinion?

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Thanks to our curiosity and technological advancements, we have achieved tremendous progress in space research. Some people feel that since space exploration is too expensive, we should abandon it and instead spend that money on other things. I don’t quite agree with this view. I admit that space research is expensive but in my opinion, the benefits are worth the money.

To start with, there are several mysteries about space. If we can solve even some of them, that will be a tremendous achievement for us. It could even make our planet safer. We are already using satellites to forecast weather. Weather predictions have saved countless lives from natural disasters like storms and floods.

Our planet is just one of the millions of planets in space and it has already become a crowded place. If we can find other habitable planets, that will solve the burning issue of overpopulation on earth. Scientists are already exploring the possibility of sending people to Mars. If we can colonize Mars, it will be the biggest achievement in the history of human race.

Alien life is another thing that interests ordinary people and scientists alike. There are numerous films on this subject. While it is true that we still have no conclusive evidence of aliens, learning more about them will definitely help us to stay better prepared against possible attacks from them.

To conclude, our planet is nothing more than a speck in the vast universe. By learning more and more about space, we can better understand our position in the universe and also stay safe from potential threats. Therefore, I don’t agree with the argument that money should be spent on other areas because space research is too expensive.

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  1. indira adhikari says:

    very incredible answer, used lots of different words

  2. Maria Mareckova says:

    Could you please band my essay?

    Deadly viruses, poverty and global warming are some of the most serious issues humanity faces in today’s world. Solving these problems begs for many resources and attention from people in power. Some people, therefore, argue that allocating finances for things such as space exploration is wasteful and should be discontinued. I do not agree with this view as it has long been my belief that space exploration is critical for the advancement of the human race.

    To commence with, dating back to Galileo, the exploration of space has long been a part of human history. Indisputably, it has advanced our knowledge about the universe as well as our planet. For example, if people had not felt the urge to explore what is beyond planet Earth, we would not have sent people to the Moon. Possibly, we would still live with false assumptions that our planet is flat. Moreover, the investigation of the universe plays a vital role in predicting the routes of meteors and asteroids. Thus, in the most extreme scenario, it could save us from going extinct.

    On the flip side, it is more than obvious that other, more urgent issues need to be addressed first. Considering the problem of global warming, for instance, the sound argument is that we should strive to save our home planet before we focus on colonising Mars. In the same manner, a relatively large ratio of people still live without access to drinking water and struggle with extreme poverty. Hence, it should be in our best intentions to maximize our efforts and ensure that every citizen has their basic needs covered. In cases like this, financial resources that would otherwise be allocated to space travel could aid significantly. However, the argument that it is a complete waste does not hold much water due to the considerable benefits we gain from space exploration.

    All in all, the human race faces serious challenges that require a lot of attention and money. Even though some of the problems such as poverty or global warming could use more investments, I believe that space exploration has played a crucial role in our progression and should not be diminished and called wasteful.

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