Human Activity Has Had A Negative Impact On Plants And Animals Around The World

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Human beings pose a threat to wildlife. Actually, we have already done considerable damage to flora and fauna. Some people argue that it is not possible to reverse this damage. Others, however, insist that it is still possible to take some measures to improve the situation. In my opinion, if the government and environmental groups work together, much of the damage can be undone.

Protecting animals and plants in this contemporary world has become difficult. Humans make survival difficult for plants and animals by destroying their habitat. The human population is increasing. Consequently, the need for food has also increased. This has made it necessary to bring more area under cultivation. As a result, forests are being cleared. This leads to the destruction of countless plants and animals. People also kill animals for their meat, skin and even teeth. Skin of animals like tigers, leopards and crocodiles are expensive and there is a huge demand for it. This has led to poaching and now many of these animals are nearing extinction.

Nevertheless, there are still many measures that can be taken to improve the situation. Building botanical parks and wildlife sanctuaries is a proven way to protect endangered plants and animals. These are protected areas where wildlife can thrive free from the interference of humans. Stringent anti-poaching laws are also required. Creating awareness is equally important. Humans should be made to realize that their survival depends on the survival of other animals.

To conclude, while it is true that we have done considerable damage to wildlife the situation is still controllable. It just requires the concerted efforts of people, governments and conservation groups. The governments should enact stringent laws for wildlife conservation and conservation groups should create awareness among people about the need to keep the ecosystem in balance.

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