Now Many Big Cities In The World Are Increasing In Size | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

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Cities all over the world are expanding. The problems associated with this development will be discussed in this essay along with the feasible measures which can be used to tackle these issues.

The expansion of cities is resulting in alarming issues. When cities become bigger, their population will also grow. This can lead to unemployment if there are not enough job opportunities for all. When the population of cities increases, the demand for housing and other facilities will also increase. More construction work will worsen the already alarming pollution levels and affect the livability in cities. More pollution means more health problems in people and reduced life expectancy. The increased demand for homes will make prices unaffordable and poor and middle class families will be forced to move to the suburbs. This will not be a problem if they can find a job near their home but that rarely happens. As most jobs are concentrated in the city centre, suburban people will have to travel all the way to downtown every day and this will worsen the traffic situation. Obviously, an expanding city is not exactly a positive development.

Decentraliation is the key to tackling these issues. The government should encourage industries to move to suburbs and rural areas. If more jobs are available there, few people will want to move to cities. This will reduce population in cities and take the load off their fragile infrastructure. The government can offer companies various incentives to set up their factories in small towns and villages. The government should also build faster modes of transport between rural and urban areas to facilitate quicker movement of people and goods.

In conclude, when cities expand, they become less and less livable. In order to prevent this, the government should create more job opportunities in rural and semi-urban areas. This will discourage people from migrating and ensure the all round development of the country.

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