How Elderly People Spend Their Time

Sample report

The line graph shows how seniors in the US spent their free time during the period from 1980 to 2010. It can be seen that there was an increase in the proportion of seniors pursuing all of these activities except theatre. Hiking garnered the highest number of followers during this time frame. While only 20% of seniors engaged in hiking in 1980, as much as 80% of them pursued this hobby in 2010. In 1980, the most popular pastime of the elderly was watching TV. The percentage of seniors who watched TV increased from 60% in 1980 to 70% in 2000. Over the next ten years, it declined to 65%. Theatre lost popularity as a leisure time pursuit of seniors. While 50% of the elderly went to theatre in 1980, only 30% of them showed interest in theatre in 1990. Seniors frequenting theatre increased over the next 20 years and in 2010, 45% of them went to theatre. The popularity of reading fluctuated throughout the given period. While 30% of the seniors enjoyed reading in 1980, this figure increased to 40% in 1990. The proportion of seniors who took reading as a leisure time activity decreased dramatically to 20% in 2000. Then it shot up and in year 2010, as much as 60% of the elderly pursued reading. Surfing the internet was not a popular activity in 1980 with only 5% of seniors engaging in it. By 2010, however, 50% of the seniors enjoyed spending time on the internet.

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