Information About UK Independent Films

Sample report

The given table shows information regarding the number of films belonging to various genres released in the UK and Republic of Ireland in the year 2012 and the proportion of revenue generated by them via ticket sales. Overall, it can be seen that the genres drama and documentary had the highest number of releases (35 each); however, they did not generate much money from ticket sales. While ticket sales of drama accounted for 8.3% of the total sales, documentary films contributed only 2.9% to the total sales. Comedy had the second highest number of release (26) and generated as much as 45.4% of revenue from ticket sales. Horror movies were the second highest grossers. While they accounted for 9.5% of the total releases, they also generated 20.2% of the total revenue from ticket sales. Romance movies generated the least percent of money (0.8%) from ticket sales but if we consider the number of their releases and the amount they generated, we can see that they performed better than thrillers which generated only 1.3% of the total revenue from 13 movies. Biopic had only one release but it performed better than any other movie at the box office and singlehandedly generated as much as 9.1% of the total ticket sales. The other genres had fewer than 10 releases each and did not manage to make much money.

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