Famous Sportsmen Earn A Lot More Money Than People In Other Professions

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According to some people, the ridiculously high salaries of eminent sportspersons are not justified especially since more important professionals like doctors or teachers earn much less. I do not agree with this view. In my opinion, sportspersons earn huge salaries because they also help to generate billions of dollars. By contrast, a teacher or a doctor does not generate much wealth.

The success of major sporting events depends on the performance of a handful of super successful sportspersons. People buy tickets and travel thousands of miles to watch these events only because they want to see these players in action. So, obviously, such players have a legitimate right to a certain portion of the revenue they help to create. That explains why a footballer like Messi can earn several millions of dollars in remuneration. Also, only a handful of sports players earn huge salaries. Less successful players who cannot pull crowds to the stadium do not earn much.

By contrast, sports people only provide entertainment. Professionals like doctors, teachers or engineers are indispensable for the healthy and normal functioning of a society. Yet, these people earn much less compared to famous athletes or footballers. This might seem unfair but that really is not the case. The salary that a person can earn is directly proportional to the amount of wealth they generate. Unlike sporting personalities, a doctor or a teacher does not generate much wealth. Of course, their work is crucial for the progress of a society, but they cannot generate much money from educating a student or treating a sick person. Hence, if they had to be paid salaries comparable to those of highly successful sportspersons, the cost of essential services like healthcare and education will have to be increased considerably. In that scenario, only the super rich will be able to afford these services.

To conclude, salaries are and should always be proportional to the amount of wealth a person can generate. If sportspersons earn lucrative salaries, it is because they help to create billions of dollars in revenue. Other professionals who provide essential services do not have that ability to generate money and as such they cannot be paid as much.

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