Cue card: Talk about a subject that you didn’t like learning at school

Cue card

Talk about a subject that you didn’t like studying at school. You should say:

  • What the subject was
  • How long you studied it
  • Why you didn’t like it.

Sample response

The subject that I didn’t like studying at school was history. I have no real issues with history. In fact, I even have some interest in this subject. I have always been interested in learning about the lives of great men and women. Our freedom struggle, too, inspired me a lot. However, I never really enjoyed studying history for exams. I have always had trouble remembering dates and I guess that was the main reason I hated history. Since history is all about dates and years, my inability to remember them almost always earned me poor grades in this subject. I was also not good at memorizing long answers that often ran into 3-4 pages. History was not an optional subject at school. It was compulsorily taught in classes 5th to 10th. I studied this subject for six years. At college, however, I had the freedom to decide what subjects I wanted to study. I chose science and English.

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