Cohesive Elements | However, Even So, Nevertheless, Of Course, All The Same

Discourse markers are words and expressions that show the connection between what has already been said and what is going to be said. They add sophistication and variety to your writing. There are very many discourse markers in English. In this lesson we will learn about discourse markers used to make counter arguments.

These expressions are used in a three-part structure. 1) The writer mentions ideas that point in a certain direction. 2) He or she then introduces a contradictory fact that points the other way. 3) The writer then dismisses the contradictory fact and returns to the original direction of the argument.
Key phrases
Concession: it is true; of course; certainly; if; may

Counter-argument: however; even so; but; nevertheless; nonetheless; all the same; still

Examples are given below:

People who believe in basic human rights cannot agree with colonialism. It is true that the British did some good in their colonies. Even so, colonialism is basically evil.

Here the first statement expresses a certain idea. The second statement contradicts it. The third statement dismisses the second statement and agrees with the first statement.

His relationships with women were always problematic. Of course, several women loved him, and he was married twice. All the same, the women in his life were invariably unhappy.

Few people could understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Of course, almost everybody had heard of the word ‘relativity’, but hardly anybody could understand what it actually meant.

It was a great party. The guests, if a little surprised by the host’s behavior, were nonetheless impressed by the warm welcome they received.

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