Charts Compare The Age Structure Of The Populations Of France And India

Sample report

The given charts provide a comparative analysis of the gender wise age structure of the populations of India and France in 1984. It is evident that France had a slightly higher population of elderly females than elderly males in 1984. By contrast, the male and female population of India were more or less the same in all age groups. The chart also shows Indian population’s tendency to shrink as people’s age increase. In fact, in 1984 children aged between 0 and 5 accounted for the highest proportion of the Indian population. By contrast people aged between 30 and 35 accounted for the highest proportion of French population in 1984. In both countries the population of both males and females tend to shrink after that age group. This is particularly true in the case of India. However, in 1984 France had more people aged 45-50 or 50-55 than people aged 40-45. France also had a considerable population of people aged 70 and above. In fact, a small percentage of the French population in 1984 was above 85 years old. By contrast India had a very small percentage of people above 70 in 1984.

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