Chart Shows Percentage Of People Who Ate Five Portions Of Fruit And Vegetables Per Day In The UK

Sample report

The bar chart given above illustrates the proportions of men, women and children in the UK who consumed five portions of vegetables and fruit daily during the period between 2001 and 2008. It is noticeable that across all the groups there was a general increase in the consumption of plant based food until 2006. Afterwards, there was a gradual drop in the numbers. Overall, it can be seen that in all the years, more women consumed fruit and vegetables than men or children. While there was hardly any change in the percentage of men and children who ate these food items between 2001 and 2003, the proportion of women who consumed them kept increasing until 2006. Women’s proportion was consistently higher than that of the other two groups throughout the given period. While in 2001, 21% of women ate five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, by 2006, their share had increased to 35%. Afterwards, it dropped steadily and in 2008, it was 30%. The percentage of children consuming fruit and vegetables was 12% in 2001 and reached its peak value of 27% in 2007 before dropping slightly to 25% in 2008. After remaining static at 12% for the first three years, the percentage of men consuming fruit and vegetables increased steadily over the next five years and reached 27% in 2007. Afterwards, it dropped slightly.

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