Band 9 essay sample: The advantages and disadvantages of longevity

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In most developed countries the average life expectancy is constantly increasing. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of this trend.

Band 9 essay sample

Thanks to advancements in medical research and improved quality of living people are living longer. This is definitely a positive trend, but it has some negative aspects too.

Everyone wants to live longer. We are constantly searching for new ways to add a few more years to our life. Longer life expectancy is considered as a symbol of better life and prosperity. Generally speaking, people in the developed world have greater life expectancy than those in poor countries. This is not surprising, though. Rich people have access to better life care and hence they live longer.

When people live longer they get an opportunity to fulfill their wishes and obligations. They will be able to serve the society with their experience and wisdom. They will also be able to spend more years with their family. Cultures all over the world regard longevity as a blessing. After all, longevity is the pursuit of most people. When they people live longer they will be able to contribute to the society in many ways. They can guide the youth with their wisdom.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to living longer. Aged people may require care. If they have none to take care of them at home, they will have to go to an old age home. Families and governments have to spend a lot of money on providing healthcare and insurance to aged people. When people live longer, there will be an increase in the population of seniors. Since most of them are not capable of working or earning money, they can have an adverse impact on the economy. Also an increase in the population will result in the faster depletion of natural resources.

After analysing the situation, it is not hard to see that longevity is a fortune. It has some negative impacts on the economy and the environment. However, governments and communities can do many things to deal with this situation.

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