An overview of the speaking module

The speaking module consists of three parts. It takes between 11 and 14 minutes. Note that all the speaking tasks in this module are recorded. It is easy to obtain a band score of 8 in the speaking module: you just need to express your views clearly and coherently. Avoid one-word answers.

Part 1: Introduction and interview

This part lasts four to five minutes. The examiner introduces himself or herself and verifies your identity. Note that you have to produce a valid ID or passport. All questions asked in the first part are about topics you are familiar with. Generally, questions from up to three topics are asked. For example, some questions could be about your job or studies; some questions could be about the city you live in or its transport system. You don’t require any specialized knowledge or skill to answer these questions. However, you should be able to give your answers in fluent and correct English.

Part 2: Individual speech

You will be given a task card with a topic and a list of questions. You must discuss these questions during this task. You will be given one minute for preparing your answer and making notes. You will then talk about this topic for about two minutes. Note that your speech should answer all questions given in the task card: failure to do so will lower your score. You have to finish your speech in two minutes: if you don’t, the examiner will stop you. The examiner may also ask one or two questions to round off this part. This section takes three to four minutes.

Part 3: Two-way discussion

During this section you will have to engage in a discussion with the examiner. The discussion is usually based on questions asked in Part 2.

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