6 Great Essay Writing Tips for Students

An essay is a discussion on a given topic, a statement of one’s emotions and thoughts. At school, students write essays beginning from primary school. First, these are descriptions of the picture or view from the window. In high school, discussions begin on eternal topics: friendship, love, life and death, the choice of a profession. At the university, topics become even more complicated and therefore it is becoming more and more difficult for students. However, if you have a desire to learn how to write stunning essays yourself, then this article is for you.

Several Advantages of Essay Writing

• Works on thinking abilities. To write a text, one has to analyze a lot, look for information in books and the Internet, generalize one’s or another’s a life experience.

• Works are taught to find the necessary facts, verify and compare them.

• Works develop critical thinking. The texts have the structure: introduction, main part, conclusion. All parts of the text should be connected by the main idea. Tracking storytelling logic is an important skill that will come in handy later in life and at work.

• Essays evoke creativity. Writing in a pattern is boring and harmful. To write something truly interesting, you have to show imagination. Essay lovers often become writers in the future.

How to Love to Write Essays

If your goal is not just to learn how to write essays, but also to love to do it, then here are some simple tips to help you.

1. Choose Interesting Topics

The topic “How did I spend summer” became boring? Come up with another! Write a review of a book or movie. Compose your fantasy story. Write about what you are interested in right now. And when you become professional in this sphere, you can move on to the mandatory topics of the program.

2. Get Rid of Patterns

To facilitate the writing of essays in textbooks often provide templates for essays. For example: “The text I read touches upon important issues” or “In conclusion, I want to say that …”. Writing that way is so very boring. Try to completely remove these formulations from your written language. Express your thoughts in simple, beautiful language.

Plans are not built according to some kind of template, they are even different in the form and in the length of compositions of different types – whether it is a question of one character, or a comparison of two actors, or a group characteristic, or the idea of ​​the whole work, or about any side of it. You need to be able to distinguish between topics that are similar in content but require the presentation of the material in a different light.

3. Read Books

Reading books, especially classics, is a huge help for those who want to write essays correctly. Books expand vocabulary, teach to build sentences beautifully and competently, develop imagination and make us think. The book will have more effect if you read the review after reading it. This is not only an additional practice but also an opportunity to properly “digest” the information received.

4. Sign up for a Writing Club

There are writing schools, journalism groups and youth newspapers in which you will be taught to write beautifully and competently. Often, such teams send their authors to creative contests – interesting tasks and topics, prizes will help arouse interest in writing.

5. Keep a Personal Diary or Blog

Describe your day, the people you’ve met, events and experiences. Such notes are also a kind of essay; they will help to learn to analyze and correctly build sentences.

6. Read Essay Writing Guides

You can and probably even need to use reference books and read already written essays in order to write your own well. But you don’t need to “rewrite” from there: you won’t find really good works just like that, and besides, if you read an essay and want to rewrite a couple of phrases from it, it means that, most likely, a huge number of people did that the same thing, and then you will do the same. Let such reference books become for you the guide “How not to write”. Try to think differently. Try to use unusual phrases. Just don’t overdo it. Always argue your opinion. Take a look at the work from your point of view, because you are unique and your opinion simply must not coincide with the majority opinion, right?

Summing up

Writing essays is perhaps the most difficult task in universities and examinations. Not surprisingly, students often do not like to write essays. However, if you understand the principle of writing them, you can significantly improve your skills and get good grades. We hope that you will take into account our advice and with the help of them learn to write excellent essays.

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