The Chart Below Shows The Places Visited By Different People Living In Canada

Sample report

The graph shows the percentage of immigrants and natural Canadians who visited places such as cinema, theatre, library and zoo.  Overall, it can be seen that cinema was the favourite destination of Canadians across all demographics. Zoos and libraries attracted more or less the same number of visitors.

However, theatre was the least popular of all these places. Cinema was considerably more popular among natural citizens of Canada and migrants born in English speaking countries with as much as 70% of them enjoying it. About 50% of migrants born in other countries also visited cinemas. Theatre was more popular among migrants born in English speaking countries and 25% of them used to frequent it. While 20% of Canadians also visited theatre only 10% of other migrants went to it.

Library was the most popular place for migrants born in other countries with as much as 55% of them visiting it. Meanwhile 40% of English speaking migrants and about 37% of Canadians also visited libraries.  Zoo was more popular among English speaking migrants (50%) and native Canadians (42%). About 35% of other migrants also visited it.

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