The Best Way To Reduce Poverty In Developing Countries Is By Giving Up To Six Years Of Free Education To Children

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Some people believe that making elementary education free and mandatory for all students will help a nation to fight poverty. I fully agree with this view. Education increases the living standards of people by enabling them to acquire new skills and find better jobs.

When primary education is free and compulsory for all children, the nation will have no illiterates in the coming decades. This is crucial for its development. When children can at least read and write they are protected from a lot of exploitation. Even if they fail to continue their studies after primary school, they will still be able to acquire knowledge by reading books and newspapers. This put them at an advantage and increases their chances of finding employment in future. Also, educated employees are well aware of their rights and consequently they are less likely to be exploited by their employers.

Another advantage of making primary education free for all students is that it will prevent child labour. In many poor countries, it is a common practice for parents to send their children to work. This is due to poverty. Unfortunately, oftentimes, these children are forced to work in hazardous industries where they run the risk of sustaining fatal injuries. Child labour deprives children of an opportunity to acquire education. Without education there is no way they can improve their standard of living. Consequently, they will end up living in poverty all through their life. Worse still, their children will go through the same plight. If education is free and compulsory at least until grade 6, parents will not be able to push them into the labour market.

In conclusion, by making elementary education free for all children, the government can save them from child labour and improve their chances of employability in future. Thus this measure will help to eliminate poverty to a great extent.

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